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The American Wilderness Coalition was established in January 2001 to support the efforts of wilderness advocates and organizations nationwide that are working to protect America's last remaining wild places. Many of the efforts underway today are aimed at working with Congress to pass laws to protect these special areas as "Wilderness" - a congressional designation that permanently protects parcels of our public land in their natural condition. Today, there are 643 Wilderness Areas protected on more than 105 million acres of public land across the United States. There are designated Wilderness Areas in all but six of our 50 states. Together, these Wilderness Areas make up our National Wilderness Preservation System.

The American Wilderness Coalition seeks to expand and protect our National Wilderness Preservation System by providing additive resources and advocacy assistance to the many individuals and organizations involved in campaigns to protect additional Wilderness Areas today. There are active wilderness campaigns in every western state as well as several in the East including efforts in New England, the Mid-Atlantic and the Southern Appalachians.

Board of Directors

Rick Johnson, Secretary, Idaho Conservation League*
William Meadows, Treasurer, The Wilderness Society*
Becky Rom, Friends of the Boundary Waters, Alaska Wilderness League, The Wilderness Society*
Cindy Shogan, Vice-Chair, Alaska Wilderness League*
Melyssa Watson, Chair, Wilderness Support Center, The Wilderness Society*
Larry Young, Southern Utah Wilderness Alliance*
Carl Zichella, Sierra Club, California*
Dan Ritzman, Alaska Coalition*

* For Identification Purposes Only

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