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Wild Card - 2004
(108th Congress - 1st Session)

The American Wilderness Coalition (AWC) is pleased to present the second edition of Wild Card, a Wilderness Report Card providing a comparative analysis of the votes and positions taken by all Members of Congress on wilderness and public lands issues during 2003 - the first session of the 108th Congress.

Wild Card gives an "F" to the Bush administration for leading unprecedented assaults on America's wilderness and public lands. A detailed assessment is included in the report.

  • Press Release
  • Wild Card 2004 (PDF) This is a very large (1.7 MB) file. It is best to download it and view the downloaded file. Right-click (Click-hold on a Mac) to download.
  • Wild Card 2004 without photos (PDF). This is a much smaller file with all the content but not as pretty. If you have a slow connection, choose this format.



A web update of Wild Card 2004 (108th Congress - 2nd session) will be available shortly.