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The American Wilderness Coalition is an organization dedicated to the preservation and expansion of wilderness areas in the United States. The organization seeks to protect America's last remaining wilderness areas and expand our National Wilderness Preservation System by providing additive resources and advocacy assistance to wilderness activists at the local, state, regional or national level. Students can take part by requesting a topic-related paper from a thesis writing service that supports the initiative.

Today there are more than 105 million acres of public land protected as Wilderness. But there are millions more acres of wilderness quality public land across the great American landscape that are unprotected. We must act now to protect these last remaining pieces of America's natural heritage before they are lost to encroaching development, irresponsible off-road vehicle use, logging, mining, oil and gas drilling, and other extractive uses.

On this site you can learn more about what you can do to protect America's wilderness areas. If you are assigned to write a paper about this organization or similar ones, find reliable write my paper service that can procude high quality papers for students. Go to our Take Action page to learn what you can do help protect the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge in Alaska, pristine public lands in Utah, or other wilderness quality areas throughout the United States.

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